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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SAC stand for?
SAC is the acronym for Save Austin's Cemeteries.

Which Cemeteries are the City Cemeteries?
Austin Memorial Park, Evergreen, Oakwood, Oakwood Annex, and Plummers

What city department manages the city cemeteries?
The city cemeteries come under Austin Parks & Recreation. http://www.austintexas.gov/department/cemeteries

Who is responsible for maintenance at the city cemeteries?
The City of Austin is responsible for cemetery maintenance.

I have family members buried at the city cemeteries, who should I contact with updated contact information?
You can fill out SAC's Friends form or Membership form and SAC will pass along the information to the current cemetery contractor. Or you can contact the current cemetery contractor.

What other cemeteries are located in Austin or Travis County?
The Austin Geneaological Society (AGS) maintains a list of cemeteries in Travis County.
Go to the AGS website: http://www.austintxgensoc.org/cemeteries/index.php

What are the rules and regulations for the city cemeteries?

How do I properly clean a headstone?
Please read the Texas Historical Commission's "Cleaning Stone" for the best way to clean a headstone without damaging the material. http://www.thc.state.tx.us/publications/guidelines/Preservecem.pdf

Is there a tree maintenance plan?
The city does not have a tree maintenance plan for the city cemeteries nor does it have a tree master plan. Select trees may be planted with the prior approval of ICC. Contact ICC at 512-453-2320 for more information.