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2008 President's Message*

Nov 22 2008
Work Day - Volunteers Documented Tombstones

Nov 1-2 2008
Walking Tour -- Murder, Mayhem, and Misadventure Tour Part II

May 24 2008
Storm Damage Cleanup
Volunteers converged on Oakwood Cemetery to clean up leaf and branch debris. Volunteers toiled for 3 hours, bagging some 85 bags of debris.

May 14 2008
Storm Damage
A recent storm tore through Austin on May 14, leaving downed trees and scattered branches across Oakwood Cemetery and Oakwood Cemetery Annex.

May 17-18 2008
Walking Tour
The tours focused on Old Austin families that are buried along the Main Street of Oakwood Cemetery.

March 1-2 2008
Walking Tour
In observance of Texas Independence Day, Save Austin's Cemeteries (SAC) conducted walking tours at Oakwood Cemetery in Austin spotlighting those connected to the fight for Texas Independence and buried in this historic cemetery. These people include Joseph Baker, Susanna Dickinson, William Custard, Francis Dieterich, John Duval, George Glasscock, John Swisher, Thomas Green, George Hancock, Andrew Neill, and John Rabb. Read their biography's on the Oakwood's Residents page.